So today is the day!! A new you, a better you. Maybe a thinner you, maybe a healthier you, maybe a nicer you. Whatever you have set out to do today, remember we can do nothing in our own strength. Any thing we accomplish this year will not be because of us. It will only be because the grace of God allowed us to do or be anything. I did keep my last years resolution, I didn't drink diet coke for an entire year!!! But this year a song that  I love best describes what I want this year to hold for me. Keep Making Me by the Sidewalk Prophets

Make me broken so I can be healed

cause I'm so calloused and now I cant feel

I want to run to you with heart wide open

Make me broken

Make me empty so I can be filled

cause I'm still holding onto my will

and I'm completed when you are with me

Make me empty

Til you are my one desire

til you are my one true love

til you are my breath, my everything

Lord, Please keep making me

Make me lonely so I can be yours

til I want no one more than You, Lord

Cause in the darkness I know you will hold me

Make me lonely

Til you are my one desire

Til you are my one true love

til you are my breath my everything

Lord, Keep making me

I hope this song is a blessing to someone today. Praying everyone has a great year and one that will only bring honor to God.


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