I have been studying the life of David. Let me tell you that man has so many highs and lows in his life it is unbelievable. One thing I noticed though was he had a few good friends! The one we are most familiar with in his life is Jonathan. Bar none we can say that is a kind of friend we should have. Over and over the Bible tells us of Jonathan's devotion to David. He warned David when it wasn't safe to be around his father Saul. Probably my favorite passages about interaction with these two is in I Samuel 23:16. The Bible tells us that Jonathan went to David and strengthened his hand in God. That says so much to me, first a friend that will come to you when you are at one of the lowest times of your life, and then that friend encourages you with God. "Friends" like to give advice, but great friends know that only God can really give you what you need.

      The second person I see that was a friend of David was, Hushai.  Most of us might not be familiar with his role in David's life. Well it was when he was running from his son Absalom stepped and showed his loyalties. God had made Ahitophel counsel foolish. So Hushai jumped in and saved the day. Both were advisors to the King, but 1 Chronicles 28:33 tells us that Ahithophel was the king's counsellor and Husai was the Kings companion. So any one can advise, but a friend can save your life!! It doesn't always have to be a life or death situation. It can be just a life changing day for you.

        Friends so many use this word so lightly now a days. I mean how many Face Book Friends do you have that you really know nothing about?? I would say a lot. But, how many true friends do you have?? Most of us can count on one hand our true friends. True friends don't just tell you what you want to hear. Sometimes they have to tell you the truth and the truth hurts. Proverbs tells us Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but the kisses of an enemy is deceitful. Just as they need to tell you when you are wrong, there is nothing like knowing you have that one person that when life has you down, you can call them and they are not going to give you flowery words, but words of encouragement. Not just their words, but words of God that will help you on this path we call life.

       I can count a least six woman in my life who I consider my friend. I know that with each of these in a crisis they would drop everything and be there for me. The funny thing is we don't talk every day and one lives far and I don't talk to her but a couple times a year. The minute we see each other our souls are forever knit together and it is like no time has past. A life long friend is a true treasure in deed. And if you have one or two thank God for that person in your life. Also, you be that kind of friend to someone else. Be the one with the word of encouragement, a smile, a look, can change the outcome of some ones life.

       Lastly as a Christian you have a friend that sticketh closer that a brother. Jesus is the best friend any one could ever have. You can go to Him with all your problems. What a privilege to carry every thing to God in prayer.


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